Matthew Castellanos’ Short Film 'YOSHUA' Brings the Fantasy Drama to South Central L.A.

Bowerbirds live in the forest, and the males’ main purpose is to decorate their nest elaborately to attract the female birds to mate. They collect random and colorful things they find such as coins, bottle caps, berries, and flowers for their nest. Matthew Castellanos is not a bird and certainly has more purpose than an animal’s main functions (eating and mating). But his artistic character and production company, BowerBird, reflects much of the bird’s intention...


‘Yoshua’ spans galaxies to tell an extraterrestrial love story. In 18 minutes.

A bird can love a fish, but where would they live? This is the question viewers are immediately tasked with in “Yoshua,” a short film written by Matthew Castellanos and Brockhampton rapper Kevin Abstract. Directed by Castellanos, the film follows a group of four South Central L.A. high schoolers who live in a world where their friend Yoshua, a fugitive alien, is in constant danger of arrest. It’s a story of compassion and human dignity, told through an extraterrestrial character...